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Cycling Fitness Center
Cycling is a popular form of exercising. From the tremendous health and fitness benefits to the feel of the open air and the excitement of exploring new territory, cycling is a wonderful rush. Whether you are a first-time mountain biker, a Cat 3 road racer, or an ultra endurance athlete, I’ll show you workouts and exercises that will help maximize your efficiency on the bike and increase your cycling fitness.

eLibrary - Open Ebooks Directory - includes most of the ebooks sold on the internet. Free for addition of one's own ebooks.

Eating To Thrive
This is one of the best sites I've found on the internet dealing with healthy eating. It contains TONS of healthy recipes. Well worth a look.
A doctor's weight loss journal: What does it take to get slim?

Discover powerful self improvement programs guaranteed to give you a new attitude about food and nutrition, provide you with increased motivation and new visions of you reaching your fitness success. Build confidence in meeting challenges and turn problems into opportunities. Visit the Self Help Center for helpful Tips, Tools and Resources to assist you in reaching all of your personal self improvement goals.