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Ways To Lose Weight

Everyone is always looking for different ways to lose weight.  It is my contention that the real key to losing weight over the long term is to make minor changes to your eating habits as opposed to dieting.  Diets do not work.  The reason for this is that diets force you to make radical, short term changes to your eating habits.  You may lose weight, but as soon as you come off the diet, you go back to your old habits and the weight comes back.  

The Perils of Civilization

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There are many advantages to living in civilization as opposed to the natural world.  I for one am quite happy to sleep in a warm bed as opposed to a tree like a monkey.  However, one problem with the modern world is that it often forces us to develop un-natural habits that we wouldn’t otherwise do, often without us knowing it.  This is why many of us acquire un-natural habits with regard to how and what we eat, which leads to weight gain.  Understanding what these habits are and changing them is one of the best ways to lose weight that there is.

Beware the Shameless Plug!

In my E-Book “Lose Weight Without Dieting – The Animal Kingdom Way”, I outlined the simple changes in habits that I took to lose 30 lbs without dieting at all.  However, there are many possible roads to Rome.  In this article, I’m going to outline some other natural ways to lose weight that may help you.  Some of these may help you, others may not.  The key though, is to try all of them and find what works for you.  Ready?  Here we go!

Don’t Drink Your Calories

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In nature, animals drink water and that’s it.  Human beings, as usual, like to complicate things and create all kinds of un-natural drinks to consume instead of water.  Among the worst of these are soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi.  They contain so many calories in the form of refined, concentrated sugar that you can easily drink your entire daily caloric intake in one sitting.  What’s worse is that so many restaurants these days offer bottomless refills, making it easy to overindulge.  Whenever possible, it is best to avoid this glorified sugar water.  Any kind of fruit juice would be preferable, and plain old water is the best.  If you really feel like having a Coke, limit yourself to one glass.  Pop should be viewed as a treat, like chocolate cake.  To lose weight, you need to break yourself of the habit of having it with every meal.

Always Eat Breakfast

The big problem with skipping breakfast is that people often find themselves famished by the time 10 am rolls around.  As a result they often grab whatever they can, which usually means an unhealthy choice like a pastry or doughnut.  If you are rushed for time in the morning, try grabbing a piece of fruit like an apple.  If you are just not that hungry first thing in the morning, this might be a sign that you are eating too much too late in the evening.  In such a case try eating a smaller dinner, and try eating it before 7pm.

Add a Serving Of Produce To Each Meal

In the wild, many animals stay in tip top shape by eating only fruits andbest weight loss program vegetables.  In your heart of hearts, I bet that you know that you should eat more fruits and vegetables too.  Fruits and Veggies are all nutrient rich, low cal, and filling.  When you eat a healthy serving of produce, you will feel fuller longer, and will wide up eating less in the long run.  The only caution here is to go easy on the creamy dips, dressings, butter and cheese sauce that can often accompany such meals.  Also, with produce like apples, always remember to eat the skin whenever possible.  The skin often contains lots of fiber and nutrients in it’s own right.  

Keep Healthy Frozen Meals On Hand

In a perfect world, you’d have the time to cook yourself a healthy meal every night.  However, the world we live in is far from perfect, and we are often rushed.  This is why we often grab fast food as a last resort.  To combat this tendency, plan ahead for these hurried moments by having some healthy, frozen meals available ready to go.  If this saves you from one trip to McDonald’s, it will be worth it.  Here’s an additional tip.  If you buy your healthy frozen meal from store, you will find that they often pretty skimpy on the vegetables.   Try to round out the meal by adding a salad or some other fruit or vegetable.

Get Enough Sleep!

In the wild, animals sleep as much as they need to.  The human animal, unfortunately, constantly allows outside pressures to interfere with his sleep schedule.  Most people know that they could use more sleep, although few understand the connection between proper sleep and weight loss.  The reason for this is that when you are groggy due to lack of sleep, you will often try and make up for it by grabbing a high calorie sugar food as a pick me up.  When you are feeling tired, you are also much more likely to skip whatever workout regime you are on.  This is why getting enough sleep is one of the easiest ways to lose weight there is.

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