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"No Matter What Your Age I Can Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!"

"The "Aging Process" is largely a myth brought on by inactivity - not Time. Doubt it? Let me tell you the Story of Noel Johnson"

Dear Potential Client,
Noe Johnson
    We're all going to get older. None of us can outrun father time. However how we age IS entirely under our control. Our bodies are meant to be strong and fit THROUGHOUT our natural lives. The reason so many people suffer from so many ailments as they age is because they've given up exercising before they're 30. Sore backs, poor posture, lack of energy, NONE of this is natural. How would you describe yourself today? Be honest. Do you believe you're at your full potential living life to the fullest? If you're like most people, the answer is a big NO. There is good news, however. No matter what your age you can start to turn it around TODAY. It doesn't matter whether you're 50, 60, 70 or older. Let me show you what's possible. Let me share with you the story of Noel Johnson.

Noel Johnson - A DUD AT 70, A STUD AT 80

Noel was born on July 7, 1899 in Heron Lake, Minnesota. He grew up on a farm and was strong and healthy as a youngster. When he was in his mid-teens he ordered the mail-order correspondence course from Farmer Burns, "Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture," and became an excellent wrestler. A few years later he ordered the famous Earle Liederman Muscle Building Course.

Battlin' Blue Eyes

Although he enjoyed wrestling, Noel soon discovered he had a natural talent for boxing and was able to parlay his physical gifts into a promising career as a professional boxer. His only serious problem was that as he knocked out one opponent after another it became harder and harder to find opponents closes to him who were willing to get in the ring with him. Not only that but the managers of other fighters were absolutely adamant about keeping their fighters away from him for fear he would knock them out. Promoters took note of him and before long were warning to watch out for "Battlin' Blue-Eyes". So that meant he had to travel farther from home in order to find promoters and managers who didn't know who he was.

The American Dream?

Noel fought until age 33, leaving the ring in 1932 to take a job with Texaco Oil in California and focus on raising a family. It wasn't long before he and his family were living the typical American lifestyle and not long before he started packing on the pounds and losing his beautifully chiseled physique. But he was realizing the American Dream, right? That included too little exercise, too many cigarettes, and too much alcohol.

Noel's Decline

Noel's Book As the years zoomed by Noel developed a mild heart condition that became worse and worse along with the accompanying high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, bursitis, hemorrhoids and a host of other chronic diseases. He was taking so much medication that he finally asked his doctor, "What's the blue pill for?" The doctor said it was there to remind him to take all the others. Worse yet when he finally reached retirement age all the things he intended to do and all the places he intended to go with his beloved wife Zola were no longer possible. Why? Read this short exert from Noel's book, A Dud at 70, a Stud at 80.

In His Own Words ...

"When I went to work for Convair in 1939 I weighed 130 pounds and was in relatively good health. Looking back now and with the advantage of hindsight I expect my body began to really deteriorate about the time I started fighting professionally. There was no longer the urgency to keep in shape and our lifestyle, the average American "Good Life", included smoking, eating anything and everything I wanted and a lot of social drinking. When I retired in 1964 25 years later I weighed 170 pounds and was in bad physical condition.

The result was inevitable. There is just no way you or I or anyone else can ignore the basic laws of nature and not wind up in the same shape I found myself in at age 65. Lack of exercise combined with nutritionally empty dead food, alcohol and tobacco made me a complete dud. Although Zola and I had many interesting things we really wanted to do after I retired we never got to do any of them. Neither one of us had the energy or the get up and go to leave the house and enjoy our plans. Out of the mainstream of life we were retired from everything."

Personal Tragedy and Renewed Resolution

Shortly after Noel's retirement began his wife, Zola, had a series of strokes and by the time he was 70 Noel was alone. But still something stirred in him and he wasn't about to give up on life or love. This is how he describes what happened next in his book (pg 59).

"I finally did something I had been carefully avoiding avoiding for a long time. I thought. I used the intelligence the Creator had given me. My mind was a rusty and unused as my body, but I persisted and gradually ideas began to form.

I was very clear on what I didn't want. I didn't want to be a burden to my children. I didn't want to be bed ridden and helpless. I felt it was still my personal responsibility to take charge of my own life and health and I didn't want to turn that responsibility over to anyone else.

First I stripped down and looked in the mirror. All the classic signs of aging and ill-health were there. I was overweight with a bulging gut, lack-lustre eyes with unused muscles hanging slack. I looked defeated. But I used to be a fighter and the thought "defeated" stirred something in my ego. Here I was about to give up and take the count. I decided then and there to beat the bell and come out swinging. They can't count you out when you're trying."

"Battlin' Blue Eyes Makes A Comeback!

Immediately after making his decision to "come out swinging" Noel took action. He went to the World of Health food store and talked with a knowledgeable woman about his present condition and he told her what he intended to do about it. When he asked her if she had any recommendations she said "Follow me." When they got to the book section of the store she pointed to a series of books that she said were exactly what he needed. They were the "Physical Culture" library of Paul Bragg.

The Bragg books are well known for their advocacy of natural health and fitness and Noel tore into them. Everything Bragg said made perfect sense. He started eating right, exercising right and before long every debilitating health condition he experienced over the past 40 years vanished - totally disappeared. So much so that in 1971 at the age of 73 newspapers all over California were running articles about him with titles such as "Superman is Studied at UCD " (University of California at David). The articles emphasized that he had won three gold medals in the Senior Olympics that year - the marathon, mile and 10,000 meter races.

A Return To Boxing

From there Noel decided he wanted to resume boxing. But in order to do that he needed to dramatically increase his punching strength and power. So he contacted Paul Bragg in Hawaii and arrange to pay him a visit. Noel asked Bragg what he would recommend to give himself "an edge" in boxing. Without missing a beat Bragg told him Isometrics. Bragg showed him the right selection of isometric exercises to maximize his punching power.

The Rest is History

Wheaties Box Noel went on to win and defend his boxing title year and year and was a champion all the way. His radio interviews and television appearances were the stuff of legends and he was even featured on five million Wheaties Breakfast of Champions boxes that profiled his extraordinary exploits.

Noel Johnson passed on in 1995 at the age of 96. He was able to turn his life around at age 70, long past the time most people have given up. By doing so he gained 25 years of real life and adventure. No matter what your age is, don't you want to do the same?

What We Can All Learn from Noel

Noel Johnson was living proof that although we will all age, there is no need to get older. If you are willing to put in some effort you can live the life of your dreams.

Now, Let's Talk About YOU!

    Which statement best describes your current conditon today?

"I feel fantastic, like I'm growing younger and stronger everyday. I've never been more productive, my wife can't keep her hands off of me, and I'm hitting the golf ball further than men half my age! I don't think I've ever felt more confident, more vibrant and more alive than I do right now."

Or maybe this one is more accurate?

"I feel tired all the time, like I'm in a perpetual fog. I know I need to lose some weight, but despite everything I do, I just seem to be getting softer and heavier. I suppose it's inevitable though, right? With age I'm just winding down, and everything aches. What can you do? Maybe I should take up lawn bowling ..."

"If statement #1 best describes you, then give me a call. Maybe YOU can teach ME something. However, if statement #2 is closer to the truth, then I can help YOU."

Let me explain.

My name is David Nordmark and I am a Vancouver Personal Trainer,vancouver personal trainer author of 3 ebooks on health and fitness, as well as the owner and operator of the animal-kingdom-workouts.com website. My health and fitness philosophy is simple. If you want to be truly fit and healthy, younger than your years, you need to follow the example that mother nature has already set for us. This means exercising with nothing but your own body and bodyweight, just like the animals do (and Noel Johnson did). It works for them, it works for me, and I know it can work for you too. Read on how I came to my conclusions and how I can help you get in the best shape of your life.

How I came to my Radical Conclusions

I have a memory of being at the zoo as a young boy. I was looking at the gorillas in their cages and I was amazed at how strong they looked. How did they get this way? They didn't lift weights or train in anyway I was aware off. How could they get so strong? I didn't have an answer for that, and I was quickly distracted by something else (as young boys easily are). However, that thought never left my mind, and it would again come to the fore many years later.

What Judo taught Me

At some point in high school I got interested in physical fitness, so I started doing what most people do. I started running and lifting weights. I did this for years and most people would think that I was in good shape. I looked like I was in good shape. I thought I was too. Then I signed up for Judo classes. You know what I learned?


In fact, I was a physical wreck. I enjoyed the Judo classes, but I was shocked how easily I was getting injured. If I was in such good shape, why was I so prone to injuries? I remember I couldn't extend my arm at one point, and I really buggered up (is that the medical term) my shoulder. What was going on?

Why was Yoga so Hard?

Another time, I signed up for Yoga classes (something I still do today, btw). I was still lifting weights at this point, and I was still under the delusion that this made me strong. However, some of the postures in the yoga class were just brutal to do. I literally could not do them. It was almost as if my body wasn't working properly. Something just wasn't right.

The Conclusion I Came To? Everything I Knew About Fitness Was Wrong

vancouver personal trainingThis is why I had my epiphany. I thought back to that gorilla in the zoo, not to mention every other animal in nature. Would you not agree that every animal in the wild is far superior to man in terms of health and fitness? How do they get this way? Compared to our animal brethren, modern man is a sickly shadow of what nature intended. There isn't an animal in existence that is not in better shape than man. Perhaps if I wanted to get in superior shape, it would be wise to follow their example?

And what do Animals Do? They Train Naturally using only their own Bodyweight

Think about it from an evolutionary perspective. Through natural selection, nature ensures every animal is as fit as possible at anytime. Thousands of years of evolution ensures that for a Tiger to be at his best, all he has to do is BE a Tiger. Walk, sprint, cilmb trees, whatever he needs to do. If he does these things, he'll be at his "Tiger Best". By instinct, he is actually exercising with his own bodyweight all day. This is the secret of the Tiger's great strength and health, not to mention every other animal in nature.

What Animals Do NOT DO (with the exception of foolish man, of course)

In order to maintain their impressive physical abilities, animals do not exercise using all of the gimmicks that delusional man with his big brain have come up with to get in shape with as little effort as possible. They don't run (more on this in a moment), lift weights, use a thighmaster or bowflex. They have too much common sense for that.

What Man Does (even though he shouldn't)

Man has a big brain, which is usually an asset for him. However, he often uses it to come up with short cuts that don't work very well, or are just plain wrong. I'm not going to waste your time debunking the gadgets you see on late night TV. I'm sure you already know what a waste of time they are. Instead, let's take a look at two exercises that most people mistakenly believe are beneficial:

Long Distance Running (Jogging) - Probably the dumbest you can do.

Weightlifting/BodyBuilding - The most un-natural form of exercise out there.

The first observation I'll make is that running is NOT a natural exercise. Animals in nature DO NOT RUN! What's that, I hear you say? Of course animals run! Haven't you ever seen Animal Plant?

No, they don't, and I'll say it again. In nature, animals do not run.

Think about it. In the wild, animals eithere walk to where they want to go, or they run as fast as they can (sprinting) in order to catch food or to avoid being caught. You'll never catch any animal in his right mind running along at a moderate pace for no good reason. It just doesn't make any sense. There is absolutely NO EVOLUTIONARY REASON for it. Only Man with his big brain has somehow fooled himself into thinking jogging is a good idea.

Mother Nature did not intend for Man to Jog

The same evolutionary proceses that have affected our animal brethern have affected ourselves as well. For hundreds of thousands of years, the idea of running at a moderate pace for great distances for no reason was an utterly alien concept to our ancestors. Again, why do it?

And what does this mean? It means that men and women, like animals, are NOT EVOLUTIONARY ADAPTED TO RUNNING. How could it be any other way? There was simply no reason to do it!

"And what happens when You Work AGAINST Mother Nature?"

Problems happen. Google "running injuries" right now. Find an article, and look at all of the potential injuries you can suffer from running. How can an activity, even when performed correctly, be healthy if all of these injuries can occur?

"And that's what happens when you perform UN-NATURAL Exercises like running. Rather than Building Your Body Up, You're Actually Tearing It DOWN."

Here's another idea on running for you to think about. Just compare the physiques of Olympic Sprinters to those who run long distance marathons. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, the sprinters look younger than they really are with strength and power to spare. The marathon runners? The all look thin and worn in comparison, aged well beyond their years. They may have little fat on them, but they have even less muscle. Who do YOU think looks healthier?

"If YOU want to AGE FASTER, Take Up Running"

I have a theory as to why people who run regularly seem to age faster then the rest of us. One of the leading theories on why we age has to do with what are called Free Radicals. A Free Radical is any atom in the body that contains an unpaired electron. These Free Radicals can interfere with healthy cells, damaging them. An analogy that you might want to consider is that in the same way that oxygen and water can rust iron, Free Radicals "Rust Out" your body from the inside. A major portion of anti-agining research has to do with reducing Free Radical production in the body.

So, how are Running and Free Radical's related?

All cells contain something called mitochondria. These organelles are the "power plants" of the cells. They take in oxygen and nutrients and produce the energy your body needs. When they are working properly, everything is fine. However, then they're not, they produce free radicals.

"We don't have a Middle Gear"

Here's what I think. The mitochondria are at their best when we are either walking or sprinting. The reason for this is because it is consistent with our evolutionary history. However, when we are jogging long distances, the mitochondria cannot process the oxygen they are getting efficiently. They start to produce cell damaging free radicals at an alarming rate. This is one of the major reasons, I suspect, why dedicated runners look so much older than they really are.

"Jogging Breaks Down and PUNISHES Your Body - Don't DO IT"

Another big negative is that when you're pounding the pavement, you're actually pounding your body as well. You're jostling your internal organs around and hammering your joints. I can speak from personal experience on this one. All of the running I used to do seriously damaged my right knee. As of this writing, I'm going to have to go in for knee surgery at some point. Don't believe the hype. Running is not a natural exercise and it's not good for you.

"OK, OK, I can see how Running isn't good for you, but what's Wrong with Weight Lifting?"

Again, ask yourself the question, who's stronger, Man or Animals? Once you answer that, ask yourself what kind of weight lifting routine a bear or gorilla follows. The answer? None.

Here's the problem with Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is not a natural exercise. We do did not evolve lifting weights. It is a man made invention designed to work the muscles by isolating them. Here's the problem though. All of the muscles in our body are designed to work as a unit. We did not evolve doing isolation movements. When you perform exercises in this fashion, you will easily put your body "out of balance" in that one muscle group will be stronger relative to another. What do you think happens when these out of balance muscle groups are forced to work together?

Injuries Happen!

This is what was happening to me in Judo. It can happen to you in any sport you play, or even if you are simply picking up the Groceries ...

What's worse, many weight lifting exercises are simply harmful to begin with. Take an exercise like the bench press. For this exercise, 90% of your body is in exactly the same postition as it is when lying in bed. How healthy is this? What worse, the un-natural motion of the bench press can cause huge problems for your shoulders in the form of blown rotator cuffs. I've been  to Yoga Classes where a bodybuilder type will come in and can't even lift his arms over his head. This is healthy?

"Ok, You know what Not To Do, But what Should You Do Then?"

The answer is obvious. If you want to lose weight, get in kick butt shape and literally turn back father times clock, you need to work WITH Mother Nature, not Against Her. You need to start training your body using full bodyweight exercises, just like the animals in nature.

"These are the BENEFITS you can Expect when YOU start training this way"

You Will Be Stronger Than You Are Now With Greater Endurance

Imagine yourself sprinting around the tennis court or hammering that golf ball down the fairway. You will be able to keep up with and beat men half your age with ease.

Excess Weight Will Fly Off Your Body

Instead of packing on the pounds, imagine excess fat melting off you like you're taking a blowtorch to it. Wear clothes you haven't worn in years. Imagine peoples heads turning as they wonder what your secret it.

Your Energy Levels Will Skyrocket

Both at home and in the office, you will recapture that drive of your youth.

You'll Look 10 To 20 Years Younger Than Your Peers

Your wife will be amazed and your friends will be jealous. People will wonder what your secret is.

You'll Be Mentally Sharper As Well

The mind and body are connected. When your body is healthy, your mind will benefit as well.

"In Short, Training Naturally Is The Secret For You To Live Your Life To The Fullest And Leave Your Competition In The DUST"

How do I know this? Because I've lived it myself. Before I started training naturally I was 30lbs overweight and miserable. Training naturally worked for me, and I know it can work for you too. How sure am I of this? I'm so sure, I'm willing to back it up with a money back guarantee.

Results Guaranteed Program

Here's the deal. At our first training session we're going to take some benchmarks related to your current physical condition. Then, we'll perform these same physical benchmarks again at the end of the 12 weeks (training a min 2 days a week) and see what the results are. If you haven't improved, I'll give you your money back. How does that sound?

Frequently Asked Questions

(What I will do for You)

Now that you have a better idea of why I believe so strongly in natural training, you're probably wondering what you're going to get for your money. Listed below are some of the most common questions I'm asked, along with my reply.

Q: Will I be doing the same routine everyone else follows?

No. Your workout is personalized to your exact needs. After I analyze your present condition, I tailor a program that gives you the results you want. If you want inches of your waistline, your program will make that happen. If you want to be stronger and have more endurance - you'll get that too.

Q: Are you going to make me look like one of those body builders with ugly viens popping out everywhere?

I don't train bodybuilders, and I don't train people to look like bodybuilders. If that's something you want, you should look elsewhere. I train people to look and feel their best using natural training methods. With me, you'll be training to be physically fit and healthy, not to win physique contests.

Q: Where will we train?

I will either train you from the comfort of your own home (provided you live in the greater Vancouver area) or from your office gym.

Q: Is this workout something I could be doing on my own?

Are you doing it on your own now? If not, admit the truth. You need help. Both Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods have personal trainers. Don't you think highly motivated athletes like that could do without one? It helps to have someone coaching you. If you do it alone you won't get the great results you will get here.

Q: Will you work with me on my diet?

Absolutely. What I'll do is monitor your eating habits and then we'll start making changes to it. I do not believe in diets. Diets do not work. The key is making subtle changes to your habits surrounding food in order to lose weight for the long term.

Of course, if you're not worried about your weight or diet, we can just concentrate on the exercises.

Q: How long is each session?

One hour

Q: What should I wear?

Wear what you are comfortable wearing. Most people train in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Some wear sweats. It doesn't matter so long as you can do the workout and feel comfortable.

Q: I feel a little nervous about getting started. I have never done anything like this before.

That's understandable, but do yourself a favour. Ignore your fears and just get started. When you train with me you're going to get into great shape and for the first time in your life, you're going to know what it's like to feel good.

Q: Do you train everyone who asks for help?

I train a "select group" of people. What this means is that you must prove to me that you are worthwhile having as a client. Just because you have time and money doesn't mean I'll take you. I want to work with people who want results. I believe that training people who are not committed wastes time and money - and will damage my reputation as a trainer. It is definitely a lose - lose situation. I prefer win - win. Also, I only have room for a few clients at any one time. My primary focus is developing new health and fitness products for my website animal-kingdom-workouts.com. I train individuals because I like working with people and helping them achieve their goals. If you want to work with me, you had better show me that you are going to take full advantage of what I teach. So long as you can assure me that you are going to give it 100%, we'll be good to go. But if you think of my services as another class you'd like to try - you might as well go to a health club.

Q: How much does it cost?

My fee for personal training is $80 an hour, with a commitment from you of at least 2 sessions per week for 12 weeks.

There is no question that training with me costs more than joining a gym. But that is not the question. What you really want to ask yourself are questions like:

Do you want results?

Is the overcrowded, unfocused atmosphere of a health club going to give you the results you want?

Are you able to get in shape on your own? Have you done it in the past?

As you answer these questions remember this: If you keep doing what you have always been done, you'll keep getting what you you've always gotten.

Don't wait another day before doing the right thing. Contact me using the CONTACT FORM on this website, or by calling me right now. My number is 778-988-4669.

I look forward to meeting you.


vancouver personal trainer

David Nordmark
Vancouver Personal Trainer and owner of

PS - One of the things you'll learn from me is that you don't have to go through life feeling tired, weak, overweight and flabby. With my training program you can feel better than you have ever felt in your life. CALL NOW! 778-988-4669.

PPS - However, let me add that if you live in Hawaii and you'll pay to have me come to train you, I might be willing to come.  Let's talk ;)