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Strength and Conditioning Workouts that are worthy of the Animal Kingdom

One of the best strength and conditioning workouts you can perform that will work your entire body is the bear crawl. This exercise builds tremendous leg and chest power while simultaneously strengthening your lungs and heart. It will also jostle your internal organs, giving them a well needed massage.

The Ultimate Body Weight Exercise strength and conditioning workouts - The Bear Crawl

If you haven’t tried this exercise before, I truly think you will be surprised at how tough it is. It may look easy, but I assure you it is not. A bear is one of the strongest animals in nature. Not only can a bear kill a moose with a single blow, it can also carry the carcass (which may weight up to 1000 pounds) over great distances. Bears are also fast and nimble. They can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h and are nimble enough to catch a rabbit. When you try this exercise, I think you will get an idea of where the bear gets his great strength from.

Here's How to Perform the Bear Crawl

  1. Find a place with a lot of room. For example, a field of grass or a large padded room.
  2. Get down on all fours. Nothing should be touching the ground except the palms of your hands and bottoms of your feet. Your weight should be evenly balanced between your hands and feet.
  3. Start to crawl forward on your hands and feet and crawl like a bear.
  4. Breathe naturally as you run forward.
  5. Continue forward until you get fatigued.

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