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Handstands are among the best Shoulder Workouts you can do

One of the most effective shoulder workouts you can do are handstands. They not only build incredible strength in the shoulders, but will work your back and arms as well. There are many kinds of handstands you can try, including handstand pushups. However, I think the reverse handstand is the best for beginners as you are able to lean against a wall for support. One of the biggest fears most people have when trying a handstand is falling over. Performing reverse handstands against a wall lessens this fear.

The best shoulder workouts for building strong, sexy shoulders
Here’s How to Perform the Reverse Handstand

  1. Begin by getting down on all fours with your feet against a flat bare wall. Your hands should be shoulder length apart
  2. Place the soles of your feet against the wall and start walking them up the wall backwards. At the same time, walk your hands backwards towards the wall. Keep going until your chest is flat against the wall.
  3. From this position, simply breathe deeply and try and hold it for as long as you can.

It's tougher than it looks

Despite its simplicity, a reverse handstand is one of the tougher exercises you can do. At first, you may only be able to hold this position for a few seconds. That’s fine. Just keep working at it to build up your strength and endurance. When you can hold the reverse handstand for 3 minutes straight, you’re doing great.

Note: It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have someone spot you on this exercise at first. It looks much easier than it is.

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