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What are the best Shoulder Exercises you can do?

Well, the shoulder exercises of the wild, of course! And what does that mean? Using your own bodyweight, as nature intended. Take a look at how strong and powerful the shoulders are on this picture of a Gorilla. If he can develop these kinds of shoulders without going to a gym, why do you think you need weights to train yours? The Shoulder Exercises of the Gorilla

A Safer and Healthier way to Train

Besides the fact that you can develop broad and sexy shoulders using only your own bodyweight, the fact of the matter is that it is much safer and healthier to train this way as well. The reason for this is that with weight training you are only using a single range of motion. This can lead to wear and tear on your rotator cuff, for example. When you train naturally with your own bodyweight, not only do you strengthen the muscles, but the tendons and ligaments as well.

Avoid the Dangers of Weight Training

The number of injuries people sustain when weight training is fairly astonishing (When I used to lift, I managed to hurt myself on several occasions). In the past, if someone had a rotator cuff injury, they were most likely a baseball pitcher. The injury was very rare. Nowadays, people believe it is healthy to train their shoulders by doing bench and shoulder presses with barbells. The results? An epidemic of torn pectoral muscles and rotator cuff injuries. This keeps the sports medicine people happy, but why do it? It is practically impossible to injure yourself this way when you train your shoulders the way nature intended.

Jack LaLanne was famous for performing shoulder exercises like handstandsExercises to Try

Enough with the lecture. If you want to build powerful shoulders injury free, you need to train naturally in the way that nature intended. If you want to get a taste for this kind of training, try the exercise below:

The Reverse Handstand

See that picture of Jack Lalanne? One of the ways he built that body was by performing handstands. If you want to try this, the reverse handstand is probably the best way to start.

Hindu Pushups

This fantastic bodyweight exercise not only works your shoulders, but your chest, back and arms as well. It's basically a full body workout in one exercise. Try it for yourself and see. If you like exercises like the reverse handstand and Hindu Pushup, then you'll love the exercises you'll find in my eBooks. "Functional Fitness - Natural Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women" contains many exercises that are even more beneficial than the reverse handstand. "Animal Workouts: Animal Inspirted Exercises for Men and Women" will actually have you training like a Gorilla (well, at least for some of them). Not only is animal training incredibly effective, but it's fun and quick too!

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