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In this section I'm going to review other health and fitness programs which I've come across that you might be interested in. I hope you find these helpful!

This is an ebook course of isometric exercises put together by Paul J. O'Brien. Is it possible to sculpt a perfect body in only 7 seconds? Well, if you mean using 7 seconds per isometric exercise, then maybe you can. I'm basically a big believer in this course, although I did have a few qualms about it. Click here to read my full review of "7 Seconds To A Perfect Body".

Released in the late 20's at this is the program that made Charles Atlas a household name. Every course on using self resistance as a form of exercise, including Paul J. O'Brien's, owe a debt to this groundbreaking course. The question is though, does it stand the test of time? Read my full review of "The Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension System" to find out.

This is my review of Roger Haeske's Lighting Speed Fitness Program. Roger promises that you can get in incredible shape in under 15 minutes a day only doing 2 exercises. Further, he'll give you $20 if you try out his program and don't like it. What do I think of this? Read my full review here.

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