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The Ultimate Guide To Pushups

Whether You Can Perform 100 Pushups Or Can't Even Do One, This Book Can Help YOU! Here's Why …

Dear Friend,
100 pushups
If you've browsed through my website at all you'll know what my health and fitness philosophy is. From my experience the quickest way to get in fantastic shape in record time is to train naturally using your own bodyweight, just like the animals in nature. Can you think of any animal in the wild that DOESN'T put man to shame in terms of health and fitness? You want ENDURANCE? A Tiger roams over a domain that may cover 100 square miles daily! You want POWER? Gorilla's exist on a primarily vegetarian diet yet are 300 to 500 pounds of pure muscle. They are also 5 to 20 times as strong as the average man. You want SPEED? A Cheetah can run in at speeds in excess of 70 mph. That's FAST!

Animals Train Naturally, And So Should You

I don't want to belabour the point here but I think the above makes it obvious. If you could only be a tenth as strong and healthy as most animals you'll be in better shape than 95% of the human population and in far better shape than you are now. Animals get in this kind of fantastic shape without gyms or equipment of any kind. So can you.

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Natural Fitness

This was the guiding philosophy behind one of my first books - Natural Fitness - Natural Bodyweight Exercises For Men and Women. Although it had other exercises in it the focus of that book was on what I consider to be the Holy Trilogy Of Bodyweight Exercises:

  1. The Push up (for your upper body)
  2. The Bodyweight Squat (for your lower body)
  3. Backbending (for your spine).

The response I received from this book was phenomenal and I know it has helped many people achieve a healthier, stronger, and younger body. However one bit of feedback I got back kind of surprised me, although it really shouldn't have. What was it?

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Although Natural Fitness had many press up variations in it, some people just couldn't get enough of this classic bodyweight exercise. Through my book people had rediscovered the timeless fitness advantages of performing push ups. What are they? Here are just a few:

Push ups Strengthen Your Entire Body

When you perform a push up your chest, deltoids, back, triceps and abdominals all get a fantastic workout. What's more it improves your core strength like nobodies business.

Works Through All 3 Types Of Muscle Building Resistance

Most people, particularly weightlifters, are unaware that there even are 3 kinds. They are:

  • Concentric Muscle Building - This is where the muscle is forced to contract
  • Eccentric Muscle Building - This is where the muscle elongates due to the contraction of its opposite, opposing muscle.
  • Isometric - This is where force is applied to the muscle, but the length does not change.

When people lift weights they often make the mistake of swinging the weight, allowing gravity and momentum to do the work. With push ups this is almost impossible, as if you are not careful and deliberate with the movement you'll run the risk of ramming your nose into the floor!

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Push ups Build Muscular Endurance

Consider again the endurance a Tiger possesses, or an olympic gymnast for that matter. They are not only unbelievably strong but they have strength that lasts. I'm not sure why this is but I've experienced it and I know others have as well. Natural bodyweight exercises like push ups build strength and endurance in a way that weightlifting just doesn't.

They Improve Your Reaction Time and Balance

It is the job of the proprioceptive muscle fibres in your body to keep your body balanced. When you perform a pushup these fibres are continuously firing in an effort to prevent your body from tipping over. By doing so push ups help to improve your balance and reaction time.

Pushups Have Withstood The Test Of Time

Yes, there's a reason why pushups have endured as a exercise and even today have survived the ages of iron, Nautilus and Cybex machines. The reason for this is that pushups are a fantastic exercise that simply WORK.

OK, by now you're probably convinced that pushups are a great exercise that you could benefit from. However where do you start if you can't even perform one standard classic push up? On the other hand what if you are experienced and can perform 100 push ups already? What else is there?

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It's with these two extremes in mind, as well as everyone in between, that I decided to create "The Ultimate Guide To Push ups". The Ultimate Guide To Push ups is a fully illustrated course that contains over 65 different pushup variations. If you are a complete beginner there are pushups here that my grandmother can do. If you are already a hardcore athlete who can perform 100 pushups in a row there are variations and ideas here that will challenge even you. I think that's one of the reasons why I love bodyweight exercises in general and pushups in particular. The varieties of exercises you can perform are literally endless. You are really only limited by your imagination.

To Summarize, Here Are The Benefits You Can Expect When You Add Push ups To Your Exercise Routine

  • You'll Strengthen Your Entire Body Evenly and Naturally - This is what animals do!
  • You'll Feel Younger and Stronger - Who doesn't want this?
  • You'll Build Muscle using the 3 Types of Muscle Building Resistance
  • You'll Save Time by working out in your own home
  • You'll Build Muscular Endurance and Energy - You'll get things done in your day with pep and vigour!
  • You'll Save Money - no need for gyms or fancy, gimmicky equipment.
  • You'll Improve your Reaction Time and Balance - Your sense of balance is one of the first things you start to lose as you age. A regular program of pushups will help you keep it!
  • You'll Lose Weight - Pushups work your entire body (even your legs in a secondary fashion) which leads to major FAT LOSS. Don't you want to look your best?

Well, I think that about sums it up. Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced athlete THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PUSHUPS has something for you. Order Today and please remember to write me. I love hearing about YOUR success.

Yours in Good Health,

David Nordmark

David Nordmark

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PS - Currently you can get THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PUSHUPS in two forms. One is you can order the physical book directly from Createspace, which is the publisher. The other is to order it as part of an electronic GREEN VALUE PACK. This option allows you to save money and the environment at the same time. Click on "Order Now" button to learn more about these two options.

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