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Introducing Power Isotonics

Learn how to build muscle safely and easily anywhere anytime without weights

In the past famous, legendary athletes like Joe Louis and Joe DiMaggio have performed them. Charles Atlas, who at one time was considered to be "The Worlds Most Perfectly Developed Man", put out a famous mail order course on them (although he called his system "Dynamic Tension". The ancient athletes and warriors of Greece used them to burn fat, build muscle and sculpt the famous physiques that are now immortalized in statues. What are they? Isotonic Exercises.

What are Isotonic Exercises?

Karen Performing A Bicep Exercise
Strictly defined, an isotonic exercise is a form of exercise which involves the controlled contraction and extension of the muscles and mobilization of the joints around those muscles. For an exercise to be isotonic the joints do move and the muscles do elongate or contract. What this means is that an exercise like weightlifting is, in fact, an isotonic exercise. In modern times "Pumping Iron" may be the most common way to build muscle and sculpt the body, but it's not the only way.  In fact, it may not even be the best way.

Isotonics Without Weights

Prior to weightlifting becoming so popular athletes and health enthusiasts of all stripes would use isotonic principles to build flawless physiques without the use of weights at all. They did this by making use of their own bodyweight (such as with pushups) or utilizing their own limbs to achieve the same effect. There are three big advantages to this form of training vs traditional weightlifting. They are:

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Power Isotonic exercises are much safer that weightlifting. The reason for this is that one's own muscles provide the resistance. It's almost impossible to overtrain due to the fact that when your muscles tire the resistance you are using will naturally decrease as well. I've known bodybuilders who have torn their pectoral muscles clear from the bone in an effort to build a powerful chest. With dynamic Power Isotonic Exercises this just doesn't happen.

Sean Performing an Isotonic ExerciseConvenience

Because your body is your gym you can literally work out anywhere at anytime. I've known people (myself included) who will take a break from the computer in order to perform a few Power Isotonic Exercises throughout the day. Not only does this help to keep you alert (and it's much healthier than a cup of coffee) but it saves you time as well.


So long as you concentrate and put all of your energies into them Power Isotonic Exercises are incredibly effective. One of the main reasons for this is related to why they are so safe in the first place. On the one hand when you get tired the force you are resisting with will naturally decrease. On the other hand as you get stronger the exercises will naturally get more intense. With Power Isotonic exercises you will never have to guess how much weight to use to progress. You body will do this naturally.

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A Modern Take On An Ancient Form Of Exercise

If you are looking for an exercise system that will allow you to burn fat, build muscle and sculpt your body like an ancient greek statue then Power Isotonics is for you. Start transforming your body with Power Isotonics today!