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Isometric Strength Training - The Secrets Of The Old Time Strong Men - REVEALED!

Alexander Zass Isometric Strength Training
A program of isometric strength training can help you build incredible strength and power in very little time. Doubt it? The truth of the matter is that many of the most famous old time strongmen used nothing but isometrics to train and they were able to perform feats of strength that cannot be replicated to this day. Consider some of the feats of strength that Alexander Zass, the legendary "Mighty Samson", was able to perform:

  • He could lift a 500 pound girder using only his teeth
  • He could lift and carry small horses
  • He could break chains using only his chest
  • He could bend steel bars in any number of ways

I'm not going to go into great detail about Alexander Zass as I've already written about him at length HERE (be sure to check out his story though, as well as the accompanying video, it's kind of funny). The key point though is that it is possible to build incredible strength, as well as a formidable physique, using only isometric exercises.

Why Isometric Strength Training Works

Isometric strength training works due to the principle of the isometric contraction. Consider this. If you press the palms of your hands together it is possible to generate incredible force, even though there is no actual movement. Your muscles are working, yet they are not contracting. This is known as an isometric contraction.

Why The Isometric Contraction Works

When you press your hands together your brain activates some muscle fibers to accomplish the task. As your limbs do not move your brain thinks you must be trying to move a very heavy object. It has no idea that you are pitting one arm against another! Therefore it activates more muscle fibers in an effort to move your arms. Of course your arms still do not move. This forces your brain to activate ALL of the muscle fibers at once in a vain attempt to contract the muscles and move your arms. This is why it's possible to work an entire muscle group in only seconds using isometrics.

Isometric Exercises vs The Gym

People often find this hard to believe, pummeled as they have been by a fitness industry that claims you need to spend hours in a gym to achieve any kind of results. The truth of the matter is that isometric strength training allows you to achieve a contraction similar to when you perform that last repetition using barbells.

The Last Rep First

It's that lasts rep, the one that is hardest, that is always the most important. It ensures that you have worked ALL of the muscle fibers in that muscle. However as I've explained above isometric exercises allow you to get to that point within seconds. One way to look at it is that isometrics allow you to get to the "Last Rep First".

Time Proven and Backed By Science

Isometric strength training has been around in disciplines such as yoga and the martial arts for thousands of years. It is the exclusive training method that legendary strongmen like Alexander Zass used to use to build their incredible physiques and great strength. Further it has been backed by scientific studies showing it's effectiveness (You can read more about this here). If you are looking to get stronger and more defined in the least amount of time you should consider a program of isometric strength training.

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