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Tips For Performing Isometric Muscle Exercises

Isometric Muscle Exercises
Isometric Muscle Exercises are any kind of exercise in which a limb is either pitted against itself, another limb, or an immovable object. The key is that when the muscle contracts there must be no actual movement at all. When performed correctly this kind of exercise can yield amazing results in only seconds. I've discussed in other articles the miracle of the isometric contraction and why it works so well. If this interests you I suggest you read the article I wrote entitled "Isometric Strength Training - The Secrets Of The Old Time Strong Men REVEALED!" This article will not focus on that. Rather is will focus on the proper way to perform isometric muscle exercises and thereby get the most out of them.

Always Focus On Your Breath

The first thing you need to focus on is your breath when performing these exercises. Breathing when performing an isometric contraction can be broken down into 3 stages. During stage 1 you will want to breath in through your nose for 3 to 4 seconds. As you do so you will will want to increase the tension for whatever isometric exercise you are performing from nothing to close to maximum.

The Second Stage

Once you reach that point of maximum muscle contraction you will want to exhale through your clenched teeth with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will permit you to make a "SSSSS" sounds as you exhale, almost like the sound of air leaving a tire. While you do this you will want to hold the isometric contraction at it's maximum point for 7 to 12 seconds.

The Third and Final Stage

Now you will want to inhale through your nose again for 3 to 4 seconds as you slowly release the tension from the isometric contraction. By the time you count to 4 all of the tension in your muscles should be completely dissipated.

The Importance of Following the Procedure

Why is it so important to follow this breathing procedure when performing these exercises? One reason is that it ensures a constant supply of oxygen to the muscles being worked. This is critical if you want to derive the maximum benefit from these exercises. The second reason is that by not holding your breath you are ensuring that your blood pressure does not increase to dangerous levels. For most people this is not a problem. However if you do have a history of high blood pressure it could be critical. Of course if you are starting an exercise program, whether it be isometrics or anything else, you should always consult with a doctor first.

Nose Breathing

The fact that we are breathing in through the nose is also very important. Most people don't think about it but our nose is designed by evolution to be the primary method by which we breath. It has many features which are designed to purify and prepare the air before it reaches our delicate lungs. You should attempt to breath in through your nose at all times, not just during exercise.

Focusing Your Mind

The second tip for performing isometric muscle exercises is to always focus your mind on what you're doing. It is your mind that commands your muscles. If you imagine your muscle becoming bigger and stronger as you work them your muscles will respond much faster. This is the big mistake many people make when they go to a gym. Go into any gym and what do you see? People listening to their MP3 players or watching TV. This is not the way to achieve maximum results.

The Wisdom Of Maxick

Maxick, who was a famous old time strongman and physical culturist, made some interesting observations on this point. Watching some stone masons apply their trade one day he came to a realization. Although their arm muscles were constantly being worked their muscles were not that big and defined. Why was this? The reason is simple. Although they were constantly working their muscles their attention was focused on performing the job at hand, not on their muscles themselves. This is a vivid example of why it is so important to focus your mind on the task of muscle building when performing isometric muscle exercises if you want to achieve maximum results.

At any rate so long as you follow these tips you will be able to achieve maximum benefits from isometric muscle exercises. What's more these tips can be applied to other forms of exercise as well. Good Luck!

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