Whether You Want The Strength and Power of Alexander Zass, the Physique of Bruce Lee, or to be fit at any age like Noel Johnson - Isometric Exercise can help you achieve the body you desire

This Lost System Of Training Can Get You in Amazing Shape In Less Than 1/2 An Hour A Day. Here's How.

Isometric Exercise, Alexander Zass, Noel Johnson, Bruce Lee

Dear Friend, No matter your age or present physical condition isometric exercise can put you on the road to achieving optimal health. Who are you exactly and what do you want?

  • Are you interested in body weight exercise or training program to get in shape?
  • Are you sick of weight lose diet programs and want to get started with the real body weight training and weight loss program?
  • Are you looking to achieve greater muscular size and definition?
  • Are you an athlete who wants to get stronger for a sport?
  • Are you an athlete who is focused on a certain area such as leg training, upper body strength, weight training?
  • Are you a woman who doesn't have time for health clubs but simply wants to lose weight, get in great shape and possess a healthy, feminine "Fit N Sexy" look?
  • Are you an older man or woman who hasn't exercised for awhile but is looking for the easiest and quickest way to get back in shape and turn back the clock?
  • Are you a woman who is interested in strength training for active women?

If any of the above applies to you then isometric exercise might be just the ticket you are looking for. A properly designed program of isometrics can reshape anybodies physique and add strength beyond imagination without ever actually moving a muscle! By performing and holding powerful isometric contractions for just seconds it's possible to create lean, perfectly sculpted muscles, shed fat and achieve the glow of perpetual youthfulness. Isometric exercise program is your ticket to lose fat, get in shape and build muscles. How is this possible? Let me explain.

Understanding How Muscles Work And The Miracle Of The Isometric Contraction

Power Isometrics
Every muscle in your body is made up of of hundreds of individual muscle fibers or varying lengths and abilities. When you move a limb your brain sends a signal to some muscle fibers to contract. It is this contraction that actually moves your limbs. With me so far? Good, because the next point is important. When your brain contracts muscle fibers it only activates the bare minimum necessary. Let's say you pick up a paper cup. Does your arm need every muscle fiber working in order to lift the cup? Of course not! That would be a waste of energy. It activates the minimum required to complete the action required and that's it.

How Traditional Exercise Works

Now let's pretend you're curling a barbell in a gym. When you perform this action the same principles apply. In order to curl the barbell your brain activates some muscle fibers to move the arm. However you want to get bigger and stronger which is why you curl the barbell for 3 sets of 12 repetitions. When you do this you tire out the first bunch of muscle fibers which forces your brain to activate more. These then tire out, so your brain activates still more. This process continues until every fiber in your muscle has been worked and is exhausted. Your body responds to this stress of exhaustion by strengthening the existing fibers and adding new ones. This is how you get bigger and stronger via weightlifting.

There MUST be a Better Way

Makes sense doesn't it? This is why you see so many men and women in gyms lifting weights like there's no tomorrow. In order to build strength, size and muscular definition they are constantly working to exhaust all of their muscle fibers. With a lot of time and effort it definitely works but wouldn't it be great if there was another way? A way that would work ALL of the muscle fibers at once WITHOUT having to endure hours in a gym performing a boring weight training regimen? There is actually. It's called Isometric Exercise.

The Wonder of the Isometric Contraction and how it can work for YOU

Here's how isometric exercise turns traditional weightlifting on its head.Alexander Zass Isometric exercise works by pitting your muscles either against themselves or an unmovable object in order to get to the LAST rep FIRST. Imagine you are pressing your palms together in front of your body. How does your brain react? Like usual it activates some muscle fibers in order to move both arms. However as the arms are pitted evenly against each other no movement occurs. So what does your brain do? It starts to activate more and more muscle fibers in an effort to move your arms. However your arms STILL don't move. In a way, you're tricking your brain. It has no idea that you're forcing your arms against each other! In desperation to lift what it thinks must be an incredibly heavy weight your mind will activate ALL of the MUSCLE FIBERS it can WITHIN SECONDS! This is why it's possible to work EVERY muscle fiber within your arm within SECONDS with isometrics, whereas it takes 3 sets of 12 with traditional exercise. This is the secret of Isometrics and how it allows you to "GET TO THE LAST REP FIRST!"

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Still not convinced? Well, let me illustrate how powerful these exercises can be by telling you the story of Alexander Zass

How Isometric Exercises Turned Alexander Zass Into "THE AMAZING SAMSON"

Alexander Zass was a world famous strongman during the first half of the 20th century. Going by the stage name "The Amazing Samson" he was known far and wide for performing feats of strength like the following:

  • Bending iron bars with his bare hands
  • Wrapping chains around his chest and then breaking them by expanding his chest
  • Carrying small horses around over his back
  • Lifting 500 pound girders with his teeth
  • Allowing professional boxers to punch him in the stomach

In short, Alexander Zass possessed almost unbelievable strength. How did he get this way? Let's go back to beginning ...

The Father Of Isometric Exercise

Once the War was over Alexander Zass returned to touring Europe billing himself as "The Mighty Samson" and thrilling crowds with his unmatched displays of strength. Aside from training exclusively with isometrics he even put out the first isometric training course known. It was as huge hit which is why Alexander Zass is known as the father of isometric training. Below is an old video of Zass demonstrating some of his feats of strength. Watch it for yourself and be amazed (and have a laugh too. I'm not sure why that guy hits him on the head at the end?)

After witnessing the above I'm sure your mind is swirling with questions. Is this for real? Can this really work? If this is the case let's answer some of the most common questions right now.

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Common Question #1 Alexander Zass was obviously incredibly strong and built. However I'm curious. I really want to build muscle and add serious size onto my physique. Can Isometric exercise do this for me?

Answer - A well designed isometrics course can definitely add size and mass to anyone's physique if that's what you want. The key is how long you hold the contraction for. For myself I'm more interested in strength and muscle tone as opposed to having size. This is why I hold the isometric contraction for 7 seconds only when I train. However if I wanted to build SERIOUS SIZE you can hold the contraction at a lower intensity for a longer period of time. This will force that much more blood into the muscles and will help them to grow. In addition if you really want to increase muscular size you will also need to focus on your diet. You will need to consume MORE high quality calories than your body burns. These extra calories will be needed to build your muscle mass.

However I should note that although isometrics can make you much bigger and more muscular you will not be able to achieve the freakish look of contemporary bodybuilders. The reason for this is because that kind of size can only be a achieved with steroids. I do not recommend you do this.

Common Question #2 - I'm not interested in building a bodybuilder physique. I want lean and defined muscles like Bruce Lee. Can Isometric Exercise do this for me?

Answer - You bet they can. In fact isometric exercise was one of the main methods that Bruce Lee used to build his amazing physique. What happened was that Bruce used to lift weights in order to stay in shape. However he suffered a serious back injury while weight training. It was so bad that he never lived another day without agonizing pain. After his injury Bruce abandoned weight lifting and became an isometric fanatic.

The results of Bruce's training were obvious to all to see. He managed to achieve a ripped to the bone look even though he didn't have great muscular size. Despite the fact that he only stood 5 foot 7 and weighed less than 140 pounds Chuck Norris stated that Bruce was pound for pound the strongest man he ever met. And what was one of the main reasons for his amazing functional strength? Isometrics of course!

Common Question #3 - I can see how isometric exercises worked for people like Alexander Zass and Bruce Lee. However I'm a lot older and haven't exercised for years (more like "decades"). Can an isometric exercise course help me?

Answer - You better believe it. What is great about isometric exercise is that they are uniquely tailored to the individual no matter what their current physical condition. Let's say you are Bruce Lee and you're performing an isometric exercise by pressing your palms together. Obviously "The Dragon" is going to be able to generate a tremendous amount of force which will benefit him greatly. However if a person does it who is out of shape will he or she benefit? You bet and just as much as the dragon. As long as you are exerting yourself to the best of your ability your muscles will react, get stronger, and grow. There's no need to guess which weight is best for you. With isometric exercises you are always be working your muscles to their maximum which leads to maximum results.

Common Question#4 - I'm a woman who wants to get in shape and get toned. However I really don't want big muscles. Can an isometric exercise program help me?

Answer - You bet they can. Isometrics are a natural form of exercise meaning they work WITH what nature intended. As a woman when you perform them you will get stronger and more toned but also more womanly. Your muscles will not get larger unless that is what you want. It really is the perfect exercise.

Common Question #5 - OK - from reading the story above I can see that isometric exercises can hugely benefit everyone. However I've also heard that they can raise a person's blood pressure. Is this true?

Answer - Far from it. In fact it will help LOWER your resting blood pressure overtime. However there is a small grain of truth to this. The fact of the matter is that any form of physical exertion, from raking leaves to isometrics, will increase your blood pressure. The key is to make sure that the rise in blood pressure does not happen too quickly or abruptly. In my "Power Isometrics" course I teach a technique that will help with this greatly. If you follow this protocol you'll be fine.

(Regardless though before beginning any exercise program of any kind you should see your doctor first. End of public service announcement)

How Isometrics Helped Noel Johnson, a DUD at 70, become a STUD at 80!

Noel JohnsonNoel Johnson was born in 1899 in Heron Lake, Minnesota. As a youth he exercised regularly and was in excellent shape. Although he excelled at all sports he found he had a particular aptitude for boxing. As a boxer he was known as "Battlin' Blue Eyes" and he compiled an impressive win loss record. He continued to box professionally until the age of 33 when he decided to retire (from boxing) and take on the task of raising a family.

The "American Dream" Takes Its Toll

Taking a job with Texaco Oil in California Noel began to live the American Dream. By this I mean he ATE TOO MUCH, DRANK TOO MUCH, SMOKED TOO MUCH and DIDN'T EXERCISE ALL. Before long he started packing on the pounds and he quickly lost his chiseled, youthful physique. As the years zoomed by he developed a host of medical disorders including high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, bursitis, hemorrhoids and other chronic diseases. When he retired in 1964 neither he nor his wife Zola had the energy to do anything. This is how Noel describes it from his book "A Dud at 70, a Stud at 80"

"When I went to work for Convair in 1939 I weighed 130 pounds and was in relatively good health. Looking back now and with the advantage of hindsight I expect my body began to really deteriorate about the time I stopped fighting professionally. There was no longer the urgency to keep in shape and our lifestyle, the average American "Good Life", included smoking, eating anything and everything I wanted and a lot of social drinking. When I retired in 1964 25 years later I weighed 170 pounds and was in bad physical condition.

The result was inevitable. There is just no way you or I or anyone else can ignore the basic laws of nature and not wind up in the same shape I found myself in at age 65. Lack of exercise combined with nutritionally empty dead food, alcohol and tobacco made me a complete dud. Although Zola and I had many interesting things we really wanted to do after I retired we never got to do any of them. Neither one of us had the energy or the get up and go to leave the house and enjoy our plans. Out of the mainstream of life we were retired from everything."

Personal Tragedy brings Renewed Resolution

Shortly after retirement Noel's beloved wife Zola passed away and Noel found himself alone. But still something stirred in him and he wasn't about to give up on life or love. This is how he describes what happened next in his book (pg 59).

"I finally did something I had been carefully avoiding avoiding for a long time. I thought. I used the intelligence the Creator had given me. My mind was a rusty and unused as my body, but I persisted and gradually ideas began to form.

I was very clear on what I didn't want. I didn't want to be a burden to my children. I didn't want to be bed ridden and helpless. I felt it was still my personal responsibility to take charge of my own life and health and I didn't want to turn that responsibility over to anyone else.

First I stripped down and looked in the mirror. All the classic signs of aging and ill-health were there. I was overweight with a bulging gut, lack-luster eyes with unused muscles hanging slack. I looked defeated. But I used to be a fighter and the thought "defeated" stirred something in my ego. Here I was about to give up and take the count. I decided then and there to beat the bell and come out swinging. They can't count you out when you're trying."

A Return To Healthy Living Leads To A Return To LIFE!

Noel came out swinging by first going to a health food store to discuss his situation with a knowledgeable sales lady. She recommended that he read a number of books on health and fitness by Paul Bragg. Noel devoured them and followed Bragg's advice. Besides healthy eating Bragg was also a big advocate of isometric exercise. Armed with this knowledge started eating right and following a fitness program that was largely made up of isometric exercises. Before long every debilitating health condition that had bedeviled him for most of the previous 40 years simply vanished. So much so that in 1971 at the age of 73 newspapers all over California were running articles about him with titles such as "Superman is Studied at UCD " (University of California at David). The articles emphasized that he had won three gold medals in the Senior Olympics that year - the marathon, mile and 10,000 meter races.

A Return To Boxing

From there Noel decided he wanted to resume boxing. In order to do this he needed a way to dramatically increase his punching power. He decided to go to Hawaii to meet with Paul Bragg personally in order to get his help. Once there Bragg taught Noel some isometric exercises that would help him maximize his punching power. Later that year Noel fought and beat a 40 year old at the senior Olympics. Not bad for an "old" man!

The Rest Is History

Armed with his knowledge of isometric exercise and healthy living Noel went on to win and defend his boxing title year after year and was a champion all the way. His radio interviews and television appearances were the stuff of legends and he was even featured on five million Wheaties Breakfast of Champions boxes that profiled his extraordinary exploits.

Noel Johnson passed away in 1995 at the age of 96. Through the power of healthy eating and isometrics he was able to turn his life around at age 70 - an age long past when most people just give up (let's face it. Most people give up when they're 30). By doing so he gained 25 years of real life and adventure. No matter what your age, don't you want to do the same?

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Isometric Exercise - Scientifically Proven!

Scientific studies have proven how extremely effective isometric exercises can be when done properly. Let me tell you about one of the earliest studies done - The Springfield Frog Study of 1920. Frogs? Yes frogs. Let me explain.

The Springfield Frog Experiment

When World War I was over the medical community had a problem. There were so many wounded soldiers in need of physical therapy yet there was not enough medical equipment or personal to go around. There was a real concern that many of the solder's limbs would atrophy from lack of movement. How long could a limb remain motionless before the effects of atrophy became permanent?

A Question Posed ...

Hoping to answer this question researchers at Springfield College performed an experiment. They took a number of otherwise healthy frogs and tethered one leg of each to a pole completely immobilizing it. They allowed the other leg to remain free. What they hoped to determine was how fast the tethered leg wasted away vs the freely moving leg. From this they could extrapolate the results to the wounded soldiers.

springfield frog

Unexpected and SHOCKING Results!

After 2 weeks the researchers untethered the frogs and examined the results. To their amazement the tethered leg had not atrophied at all! Instead it was now FAR LARGER and STRONGER than the freely moving leg. Without intending to the Springfield researchers had conducted the first tests on the value of isometric exercise.

The tethered frogs were constantly trying to move and free their bound leg. As such they were always working ALL of the muscle fibers. The tethered leg for all of the frogs was now so strong that the frogs actually hopped in a lopsided fashion! This is the power of the Isometric Contraction. Imagine what YOU can achieve if you follow a training program of isometric exercise!

My Isometrics Story

Sean and Karen
My name is David Nordmark and I created this web site. It is my firm belief that if you want to get in terrific shape you only need to use the tools that mother nature in her wisdom has already provided for us which is our own bodies. Any animal you can think of posses strength, endurance and stamina that puts modern man and woman to shame. Do they run on treadmills or lift weights? Of course not. All they need to do is to work with their own bodies. It's all you need too.

Always Searching

I'm constantly searching and trying out new forms of exercise. Originally I fell in love with bodyweight exercises as well as bodyweight exercises based on actual animal movements. I've actually written two ebooks on these subjects which you can read about here and here. I'm also a big believer in Yoga. However when I rediscovered isometrics exercises I felt an excitement I haven't felt since I performed my first Hindu Pushup.

Why Isometric Exercise?

  • Can be done anywhere
  • Can be done at anytime
  • Takes less than 1/2 an hour to perform
  • Prove way to lose weight and build muscles
  • Gives a full body workout
  • Builds muscle as well as muscular definition
  • Builds strength and muscle tone at the same time
  • Is incredibly safe
  • Is incredibly effective

It Just WORKS!

How Isometric Exercises Work - Watch a funny movie here

Through trial and error I've tried many different kinds of isometric training programs and courses. However in my estimation they all were lacking in one degree or another. This is why I've taken the steps to create my own course.

Introducing POWER ISOMETRICS - The Ultimate Isometrics Course

By following my program you will be able to achieve maximum results in the minimum amount of time. When you follow my course it will not be long before your friends and family notice a difference. "How are you doing it?." they'll wonder. You can tell them if you want to, or keep it to yourself, it's up to you.

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So How About IT? Are You Ready To Change Your Body And Your Life?

No Matter Who You Are POWER ISOMETRICS can help YOU!

  • If you're a woman who is interested in strength training, weight training routine, or body weight training program to lose weight, we have good news for you. Isometric exercise program can help you lose weight quickly and get in shape. You will also learn weight loss basics and body building weight loss techniques.
  • If you're a man who is interested in body weight basics, bodyweight squats, body resistance workout program or a simple body weight routine, isometric exercise is an ideal solution for you. You will learn resistance training and build muscles.
  • If You're an Athlete Looking to Get Stronger For Sport - Athletes as diverse as BRUCE LEE, ALEXANDER ZASS, MICKEY MANTLE and ROGER MARIS have ALL benefited from isometric training. Imagine what an ISOMETRICS COURSE can do for you!
  • If YOU simply wanted to look stronger and more defined POWER ISOMETRICS can do it for you, and in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it in a gym!
  • If You're a WOMAN who wants to STRONGER and FITTER without sacrificing your femininity POWER ISOMETRICS is for you. By following this program diligently you'll develop muscle tone and strength. Say Goodbye to flabby underarms forever!
  • If You haven't exercised in decades POWER ISOMETRICS can get you back on the road to unreal Health and Vitality. It's never too late. Being out of shape at 30 is no different than 70. Think of Noel Johnson. Don't you want to regain your health so that you can live the life of your dreams?

Well, I think I've about said it all. If you have any questions that haven't been answered above feel free to contact me by using the contact form on this web site. I want you to be strong and healthy and to live the life you deserve. I know that POWER ISOMETRICS can help you get there. Make sure you click on the order button to secure your copy of POWER ISOMETRICS TODAY.



David Nordmark

PS - This is a REAL program for REAL men and REAL women. It was developed to work specifically for you regardless of your current fitness level. However although all of the exercises are EASY to LEARN, they are not EASY TO DO. They WILL require WORK on your part. Isometrics can be done quickly and efficiently. When I follow my POWER ISOMETRICS COURSE I'm sweating and get a full body workout in under 1/2 an hour. It does take EFFORT though. If you still believe in RESULTS without WORK you should probably move on.

PPS - Remember what motivational speaker Tony Robbins says, "It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." Right now, if you don't decide to take the first steps towards a better body, better health, a better YOU, then you're deciding to keep looking and feeling the same way you've always been. Make that change TODAY.