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Why HINDU SQUATS are the best Leg Workouts you can do

Without question, Hindu Squats are the best leg workout you can possibly do. Otherwise known as Tiger Squats or Bethaks, this exercise originated in ancient India and were one of the basic exercises that all Indian wrestlers performed to gain great strength and endurance. One of the most famous of these wrestlers was Ghulum Mohammed, otherwise known as the Great Gama. The great Gama was famous for his leg workout routine of performing 500 Hindu Squats a day to stay in tip top condition. He became the Indian National Champion in 1909 and retired undefeated after participating in over 5000 matches. 

An exercise that will benefit YOU

Now, most likely you’re not a wrestler, and perhaps you don’t want to acquire the powerful tree trunk legs that he had (particularly if you’re a woman). No matter. This exercise remains the absolute best animalistic bodyweight exercise you can do.

For Women Too

If you’re a woman, performing this exercise will give you the strong, sexy, toned legs that you want. If you’re a man, your legs will become muscular and your endurance will increase. Plus, like all great bodyweight animal exercises, Hindu Squats are not just a great leg workout. Man or woman, they will build great strength and endurance throughout the calves, thighs, lower back and chest.

Build Animal Lung Power

Another benefit to this exercise is that it will also give you tremendous lung power. If you think your cardio is pretty decent because you can hit the Stairmaster for half and hour or run a few miles without thinking about it, try and do 500 straight Hindu Squats. I guarantee that your lungs will be getting the workout of their lives before you hit 100.

Bethaks were a major part of Gama's training
Here’s how to Perform the Exercise
  1. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended out from your chest parallel to the floor.
  2. Breathe deeply, filling your lungs as you clench your fists and pull them towards your chest.
  3. Keeping your back as straight as possible, lower your body by bending your knees. As you lower your body, you should extend your arms downward as well, behind your back if possible. Start to exhale the air from you lungs.
  4. Toward the bottom of the movement, you should come up on your toes, keeping as straight a spine as possible.
  5. Straighten your legs by pushing off your toes and swinging your arms forward. As you rise, press your heels to the floor and raise your arms to chest level, parallel to the floor.

Some important points on how to perform a Hindu Squat properly

  • You should always inhale when you pull your arms in and exhale as you lower your body.
  • Performed correctly, your arms should look you’re rowing a boat.
  • When you are lowering your body, you should try and place your hands behind your back. However, if you are tall, you may have to keep you hands at your side for balance.
  • Work towards keeping your back as straight as possible at all times. When you are in the standing position, arch your lower back while bringing your chest up and out and your shoulder blades back and down. It might help you to imagine how you reacted when someone put some snow down your back when you were a kid. You want to try and arch your back in the same way.
  • It is possible to perform a leg workout of 500 Hindu Squats in 15 minutes everyday. However, you will get great results from doing 100 daily. At first, you will probably find it hard to do 25. Work at it to determine what level is right for you and your goals.

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