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eDiets - A Modern Way To Lose Weight?

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot about eDiets, a new online weight loss site that seems to have helped a lot of people. You may even have seen it advertised on TV. I’ve been asked by more than a few people what I think of it. After having gone to their site and reviewed their materials here are my impressions.

First of all, let’s start with what I DIDN’T like.

The first thing is that it uses the word and concept of DIET and Dieting. If you’ve read my free e-book you know that I hate the whole concept of dieting. I even hate the word itself.  The reason for this is that the whole idea of dieting is to temporarily make massive changes to your eating habits. What happens to most people though is that when they get close to their “goal” weight most people abandon the diet (usually because they hate it) and go back to their old eating habits. This is the main reason why most diets fail. You wind up losing the weight only to gain it back later with a vengeance. This is why I hate the concept of dieting and am so opposed to it. I wish they had called their site something else, but there you go.

eDiets plan

Exercise Methods

In my opinion f you really want to lose weight the formula is 2/3 proper eating and 1/3 exercise. This is why eDiets doesn’t just include eating plans, it also includes various exercise routines as well. If you’ve spent anytime on my site at all you know that I’m in favor of Natural Exercise, meaning exercising with your own bodyweight in various ways, just like the animals do in nature. Some of the exercises offered here make use of weights and other devices. This really is just a difference in philosophy but I prefer the exercises on my site to most of what is offered here. Doing 100 Hindu Squats or performing Hill Sprints will burn calories more effectively that most of the exercises offered here.

Now, with those points out of the way let’s deal with some of the positives.

Here’s The GOOD Stuff

Customized Food Plans

eDiets offers customized meals plans focused on the foods you actually like to eat. Everything from simple, quick snacks to gourmet meals. Most of the recipes even have video’s showing you how to prepare the food. If you like cooking (like I do) these video’s can make cooking fun. It’s almost like being in a cooking class!

Meal Delivery Offered

However, maybe you either don’t like, or simply don’t have to time, to cook. In this case eDiets even has the option of home delivery. The way this works is that their own personal chefs will prepare meals based on your eating plan and deliver them right to your door. They will be put your prepared meals in a cooler so you don’t even have to be home when the food arrives. Although this option does cost more money it saves you a lot of time. Note this option is only available in the United States at this time.

Support and Encouragement

This might be one of the best features of this site that I saw. When you are starting on your journey to a healthier you, it’s tough to do it all on your own. Doing it WITH other people who are walking the same path can be a huge help. Towards this end eDiets has a powerful support ecosystem that is quite impressive. The site contains over 80 support forums on topics like motivation, nutrition support and advice for new members. It is easy to meet new people online who can support you and help you. What’s more, one on one support with registered dietitians over the phone is offered if you wish. This feature alone might cost you hundreds of dollars if you were to do it on your own.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I was pretty impressed with all of the resources that eDiets has pulled together under one roof. If you can afford it the meal delivery option is fantastic and the one on one phone consultation is a great value. My only caution would be to not fall into the ‘Diet Trap’. If you start eating healthy and begin losing weight, don’t go back to your old ways! If eating the healthy recipes listed on the eDiets site works for you, keep doing it! Your longterm goal (really, your life style goal) has to be to change your eating habits forever. If you take that approach, eDiets can definitely help you and is worth checking out.

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