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Why Diets Do Not Work

(and what does)

I recently read an article about why diets do not work.  It further confirmed to me my belief that the best weight loss program is not to go on one at all.  The article pointed out that more people than ever before are dieting, yet people's waistlines just keep expanding.  Below are five reasons that diets do not work.

They are Temporary

When you go on the latest fad diet, you are typically making radical changes to your eating habits for a short period of time.  You may experience some success like this.  However, once you're finished with the gimmick diet, you go back to your old habits and the weight returns with a vegeneance.

They Make You Unhappy

Just the thought of dieting can make you unhappy.  They're hard to follow, and it's no fun watching other people enjoy food while you're stuck counting calories.  Some dieters even avoid social situations to avoid being tempted by food that is suddenly now "forbidden".  This can make dieting a frustrating, alienating, and trying experience.

They Slow Your Metabolism

When you go on a diet, particularly and extreme fad diet, your body will often react by burning muscle as well as fat.  You may think you've lost a few pounds, but if that weight is muscle, it's a phyric victory.  Muscle is active and helps you burn fat.  When you go back to your regular eating habits, you will put on weight faster than before.

They Set You Up For Failure

Only 5 percent (!) of people who go on diets are successful at keeping their weight down for any length of time.  For the other 95 percent, the results of dieting are feelings of failure.  Overtime, this can lead to an unhealthy focus on body weight, low self-esteem, poor nutrition, and inadequate exercise.  

They Attack The Natural Rhythms Of Nature

In the natural world, eating is not so complicated.  You eat when you're hungry and need nourishment, you don't when you don't.  In the modern "civilized" world, however, people eat due to stress, emotion, busy work lives and diets.  Basically, human beings learn to eat for almost every reason EXCEPT their natural, physical needs.  The results of this disconnect from nature is in evidence all around you.

What Works?  Change Your Habits

The key to long term natural weight loss is to become aware of the small, destructive habits you've acquired overtime, and then make small changes to them.  When you do this, you will begin to work WITH your body in a natural way, not AGAINST it.  This is what my Ebook "Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting - The Animal Kingdom Way" is all about (pardon the shameless plug, but I did lose 30lbs with it.)   

In Conclusion, Always Remember ...

At this point it's almost a scientifically proven fact - - Diet's Don't Work!  If this is all you get from this article, I'm glad I wrote it.

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