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A Chest Exercise For All Ages and Fitness Levels

The Wall Pushup is a great chest exercise for people who want to get stronger, but are unable to perform a regular pushup. By performing this pushup standing up, most of your weight is on your feet. As you build up strength, you can begin to move your feet further away from the wall. This will have the effect of transferring more of your weight from your feet to your chest and arms, making the pushup harder. Like all great natural exercises, the wall pushup will work your entire body, but especially your chest and arms. It is a great exercise for all ages and fitness levels. When you can do this exercise with ease, it's time to move onto more challenging pushups, like the Hindu Pushup.

The Wall Pushup - A Great Chest Exercise
Here's How to Perform A Wall Pushup

  1. Stand about 2 to 4 feet from a flat wall with your feet together.
  2. Lean forward and place your hands on the wall.
  3. Bend your elbows so that your face comes close to the wall.
  4. Press back with your arms until they are straight and you have returned to your original leaning position.

Wall Pushup Variations

  • Variation #1 - One Armed Wall Pushup - Perform the same exercise as above, except this time only use one arm.
  • Variation #2 - Plyo Wall Push Up - Same as a regular wall pushup, except that this time you do not start with your hands on the wall. Standing straight up, the hands of your extended arms should be a few inches from the wall. As you lean forward, place your hands on the wall and lower your nose towards it. Then, push against the wall so that your hands no longer touch it and you are standing upright.

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