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Body Weight Fitness Review

Rogers Haeske's Lightning Speed Fitness Program

I'm very interested in body weight fitness programs, as you can probably tell from my website. As such I find myself researching and trying out other programs to see what I can learn and to increase my own knowledge. One program I have recently come across and tried out is Roger Haeske's Lighting Speed Fitness Program. Here's my review.

The Chinese Medical Doctor

body weight fitness
In the program (which is only 18 pages in length), Roger tells the story of how he suffered from Osgood Schlatter's disease when he was a teenager. This is a painful knee condition which prevented him from playing any sports. One day he was helping a Doctor who specializes in Chinese medicine with tennis (He was picking up the balls for him, I believe). Although the doctor did not speak English well, he showed Roger some deep knee bending exercises (squats) that would cure his condition.  Did it work?

Free Advice - Often Ignored

Roger discounted the doctor's advice at first, thinking it of little value as it was given freely. However, 6 months later, he decided to try it. To his great surprise, the squats he performed cured his condition within a few weeks, and he was well on his way to becoming a superior athlete. That, in essence, is  the lightning speed fitness program.

One Exercise!?!

Well, not just one exercise. Roger also recommends that you perform pushups as well. From his website, which you can view here, Roger claims that you can get in fantastic shape by only doing these two exercises in less than 15 minutes a day. I suspect most people reading this just kind of skip over this part, but Roger is  quite serious. When you buy his body weight fitness program for $37, the actual book is only 18 pages long and describes two exercise categories: Squats and Pushups. That's it. That's the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

Does It Work?

The truth of the matter is that squats and pushups ARE fantastic exercises. They DO work. However, I just find it quite ballsy to offer a body weight fitness program that only offers a two exercises and charge $37 for it.

The Bonus's

However, Roger does offer many bonuses when you purchase his program. How good are they?

Member's Only Forum

This is a private yahoo group in which you can ask questions to Roger about diet and training. There are about 1000 members in this forum.

Body Weight Fitness Secrets

This is a question and answer book that Roger throws in. There is some good information here, as well as many links to other websites. Roger does this a lot. There is a lot of free information on the net. Rather than rewrite it into a single organized format, Roger links to it. I find this a bit messy, but there you go.

Over 70 Awesome Body Weight Fitness ebook, Programs, and Articles

These are essentially more links to other websites with free information (maybe Animal-Kingdom-Workouts will appear here one day?). There is a lot of public domain fitness programs out there written by people like Eugene Sandow, George F Jowett, Bernarr MacFadden etc. They are all good courses. However, rather than update them for a modern audience, Roger again just links to them. There is some value in this, as the internet is a big place. However, a lot of the programs are simply scanned poorly on these sites and are difficult to read. From his website, you assume (at least I did) that you'll be getting these works in a nicely formatted PDF format. This is not the case. It's just a lot of links.

Video's and MP3's

Roger also includes short video and audio clips of him talking about various health and fitness issues. These are nice, and there are a lot of them.

An Amazing Guarantee

One thing that is unique about Roger's Guarantee is that not only does he offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, but he WILL GIVE YOU $20 out of his own pocket if you return the program within 30 days! I've never seen a guarantee like this before.

The Bottom Line

Having gone through his stuff, do I recommend the Lightning Speed Body Weight Fitness program? I would have to say that I don't. The exercises DO WORK. Body weight squats and pushups are great exercises. However, charging $37 for an 18 page program of essentially two exercises is a bit much. Obviously I'm biased, but the body weight program that I created, "Natural Fitness", contains 47 exercises, including many varieties of squats and pushups, along with 170 pictures and 189 pages. For this I'm charging significantly less than $37. Maybe I should be charging more? The bonuses are nice, but like I said, most of them are just links. The little video's and audio's are nice, but you feel like they're just dumped on you haphazardly. There's just no organizing structure to the whole deal. With Roger's guarantee, you can still try it out for yourself, and potentially get $20 back for your trouble if you don't like it. However, I just think there are more comprehensive body weight fitness programs out there.

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