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"Why the BEST Weight Loss Program is NO Weight Loss Progam at all!"

"Diets Don't Work And The Entire Weight Loss Industry Is A Sham - But There IS a Better Way"

From:David Nordmark

Dear Frustrated Dieter,

Let me repeat, the best weight loss program is no program at all, and the entire diet and weight loss industry is a sham.  Before I explain why, let me share with you my story.  Does this sound familiar to you?

"Let Me Tell You My Story ..."

In the first picture you see, I weigh approximately 235 pounds.  I was bloated and unhappy, yet I felt powerless to change it.  Fighting my own personal "battle of the bulge", I tried everything under the sun.  These included but were not limited to:

  • Weight Loss Pills with funny names (Hoodia?  Xerisan?)
  • The latest Oprah approved diet plan (Atkins, South Beach, even tried being a vegetarian for awhile!)
  • Exercise - I took up running and weight lifting (both exercises that I do not recommend now, btw)

"Does This Sound Familiar To You?"

  If so, then I know exactly how you feel, as I've been there myself.  The embarrassment of not being able to wear clothes that used to fit fine.  The shame when people would cheerfully say, "you've sure put on a few pounds" (thanks, I know).  For me, I think the worst part was the slow erosion of my self-confidence and self-esteem.  I knew I didn't look or feel the way I wanted.  What was worse, though, was the feeling that I couldn't do anything about it.  What was wrong with me?

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 "Have You ever felt this way? Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to lose the weight and keep it off?"

I remember one incident in particular.  I had gone over to my parent's house for dinner, and my mother innocently remarked, "You sure are lucky that you exercise as much as you do!"  WHAT!?!  It took me awhile to register what she was saying, or more precisely, what was left unsaid.

"But When It Did, It Hit Me Like A Lead Brick"

 What she was saying was that I was lucky I exercised, or I would even be fatter than I already was!  AND THIS WAS COMING FROM MY OWN MOTHER!  Of course, she didn't mean anything bad by it.  I knew she would always love me no matter what.  BUT THAT'S WHAT MADE IT ALL THE WORSE!


"Have YOU ever felt this way?  If so,  You're not  alone"

 Maybe the specifics of my story are different from yours, but I bet the feelings are the same.  It's no fun being overweight.  How many of the feelings below describe you?

  • You feel you're not living up to your potential
  • You feel people judge you unfairly due to your weight
  • You don't like what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror
  • You hate the fact that the problem seems to be getting worse, despite your best efforts
  • You've tried every diet plan and gimmick out there, but none of it has worked over the long term
  • You feel bewildered, powerless to change your situation
  • You feel You're not living Your life to the fullest

"Again, if YOU feel this way, You're not alone.  And it's these honest feelings that the cynical Diet and Weight Loss industry takes advantage off" 

 Ahhh, the weight loss industry.  The number of overweight people in North Amercia just keeps growing (particularly among children, a very worrying trend), and the diet industry just grows along with it.  Expanding in lock-step fashion with our growing waistlines, the diet industry continues to pump out a never ending parade of weight loss supplements and diet schemes.   

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"Can YOU Think Of An Industry That Has Failed as Spectacularly As The Diet And Weight Loss Industry?"

I mean seriously, think about it.  The alleged purpose of People just keep getting fatterthis multi-million (it may very well be billion, for all I know) industry is to make people slim.  Yet year after year, the problem just gets worse and worse.  The only thing I could compare it to would be if the cigarette industry promoted the "fact" that smoking cures lung cancer (however, even the cigarette industry is not that cynical)

"I think YOU know the TRUTH already, the TRUTH the Weight Loss Industry wants to HIDE from you - DIETS DON"T WORK!"

And neither do meal replacement bars, shakes, crazy pills or the thousand other ways these diet and fitness charlatans have used to con you out of your hard earned money.  By continually pushing methods and products that they know will fail, the diet and weight loss industry has built a kingdom for itself based on lies and deciet.  They've done it by manipulating YOUR good intentions to lose weight, they've blamed YOU when you've failed, and they've made YOU pay for the privilege.

"The only way YOU can beat them at their game is to not play at all.  Say it to yourself now outloud - DIETS DON't WORK!"

 I know what you're thinking, because this raises an obvious question, doesn't it?

"You want to know What Does Work!"

My name is David Nordmark and if you've explored my website animal-kingdom-workouts.com at all, I think you know what my health and fitness philosphy is.  Simply put, animals in nature are far healthier than human beings.  If you want to be strong and healthy, you should take your queues from them.  This is true for exercise, but it is even more true for how you eat.

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"Animals in the wild don't diet, and neither should you!"

diets don't workAfter considering my own eating habits, and comparing them to how animals consume food in the wild, I came to a startling conclusion.  The fact of the matter is that by living in civilization, we've cut ourselves off from the natural rhythm of nature.  Living our normal hectic lives, we have acquired many un-natural habits and routines with regard to food.  What's more, most of these destructive habits have been aquired unconsciously.  We simply aren't aware of them.

"However, understanding what these unconscious habits are is the key to YOU reaching your weight loss goals"

Once I became aware of my own unconscious habits, it became childishly easy to change them.  Really, it's so easy, it's almost laughable.  Nonetheless, when I made these simple changes, the weight started to come off, and off, and off. 

"If I did it, I know you can do it too"

Here's what I've done for you.  I've spent some time and put all I've learned on paper (well, electronic paper, anyway) in order to create my Book "Lose Weight Without Dieting - The Animal Kingdom Way".  I'm making all of the simple principals, as well as my logic behind them, available to you as well.

best weight loss program

"YOU will never need to read another weight loss or diet book after you've finished reading Lose Weight Without Dieting, the animal kingdom way"

And remember, the best part of it all is that the animal-kingdom weightloss method isn't a diet at all.  You will still be able to eat the food that you want.  You will not have to give up pasta or pototoes for all time.  By following these common sense principals, like me, you'll lose the weight and keep it off!

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"When you order my BOOK Lose Weight Without Dieting - the animal kingdom way, here are the benefits you'll get:"

  • You will not have to count calories EVER again!
  • You will not have to buy any kind of fancy and expensive weight loss supplements, energy bars, etc.
  • You will not have to avoid any forbidden foods.  If you like potatoes and pasta, no problem!
  • You will be able to wear the clothes that you want to wear
  • You will start to lose weight easily and effortlessly.  Imagine how great you're going to feel as your weight starts to trend DOWN, instead of relentlessly marching UP!
  • Imagine how your friends and family are going to react to the new YOU.  They'll going to want to know your secret (feel free to tell them, if you want to)
  • You will be able to live the kind of life you want to lead.  Life is full of enough challenges without worrying about your weight.

NOTE: When you order my Book "Lose Weight Without Dieting - the animal kingdom way" you will be taken to the Createspace website to complete your order. Createspace is the publisher of this book and they are the ones who will be shipping it.i

"***I need YOUR help to make my Book even better***"

I've given my Book to several friends and colleagues for review, and all of them have been very enthusiastic.  One question I've asked all of them is how much do you think I should charge for my E-Book.  The answers I've gotten back have ranged from $39.95 to a high of $79.95!  (The people who made the suggestions at the higher end are all seasoned internet entrepreneurs, btw).

"So, although I could charge much more (and will one day) I've decided to make my book available to start for only $5.95 for the physical book, or for FREE in digital form.

Here's my thinking.  I know my method works, as I've done it myself.  I also know my e-book is a quality product, as others keep telling me it is. Also, I truly love to get letters from people telling me about their success. That's why I've incorporated this book into my Quick Start Guide. By signing up for my news letter you'll be getting it for FREE. If, however, you want a physical copy you can still order it. $5.95 is the cheapest I can sell it. The choice is yours!  

"When YOU order my book and lose the weight, I want to learn from YOUR success!"

Maybe I've missed something, or maybe something could be clearer.  There's even the possibility that you'll discover some negative habits that I've missed.  If so, I want to hear about it so that I can make my book the best weight loss program out there!

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"When YOU lose the weight and keep it off, I want to hear from YOU"

Please write to me using the contact form on my website.  I want to hear about YOUR successes, as well as any suggestions that you might have.   Seriously, tell me what you think! 

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I'm looking forward to hearing about your success. 

Your Sincerely,


David Nordmark


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 PS - Remember, by showing you how to make subtle changes to your eating habits, you will be able to start to lose weight easily WITHOUT DIETING.  What more can I do for you?  What more do you want?  If you don't order today, I want to know WHY.  Please contact me via my contact form.  I really want to know why you decided not to take the first steps to a new you.

Dave,you've captured the essence of the weight loss problems dieters face. After reading your piece about how to organize your eating habits, I plan to execute them myself. BTW, I am so glad your recipe collection includes so many whole food dishes and not just diet foods. What a relief!!! Many dieters don't know what you do, now they can learn. I recommend that anyone still trying to lose weight by dieting should read this book "Lose weight without Dieting - the animal kingdom way"
Tim Koen

Dave; Just read your book. It's excellent! I loved every bit of it, and you should be very proud of this accomplishment. The advice is practical, logical, easy to follow, and written in an enjoyable style.
Ken Fees

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