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Anti Aging Workouts, your DNA, and more

Anti aging workouts not only make you look and feel younger, they actually make you younger at a cellular level.  At least, this is what I learned from an article I just read.  Let me explain (as best as a layman can, at any rate).

Introducing Telomeres

Our bodies genetic blueprint, what determines everything about us, isanti aging workouts encoded in our chromosomes.  Telomeres are a region of repetitive DNA at the end of those chromosomes.  Their role is to essentially protect the important parts of our DNA from harm.

Shrinking Telomeres

Throughout our lives, our chromosomes are constantly splitting and reforming.  As we age and due to this splitting, our telomeres shrink in size.  All other things being equal, the older you are, the shorter your telomeres become.  This is why their size  can reveal much about your biological age.

Anti Aging Workouts and the Twin Study

Here's what a recent study of 2400 twins revealed.  Those twins that engaged in 30 minutes of exercise everyday had telomeres that appeared to be 10 years younger than their genetically identical siblings who engaged in physical activity only 16 minutes a week!  Vigorous exercise actually helps the body reform the telomeres, which helps protect your DNA, thereby keeping your cells young.

What this Means for You

I think the conclusions from this are fairly obvious.  Exercise not only keeps you looking and feeling young, but more importantly, it keeps your cells young as well!  What kind of workouts should you engage in?  Well, I suggest you take a look around this site.  I think you know what I'm going to advocate :)

If you have any questions, or if you want to correct me on my weak understanding of telomeres, feel free to write me using the Contact Form.

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