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Learn How Stretching Like An Animal Can Help You Release Tension, Increase Your Stamina And Enrich Your Life

By instinct all animals stretch. They do so to keep their muscles limber and ready for action. For them it's a matter of survival. They never know when they may need to push their bodies to the limit. This is why it's imperative for them to keep their bodies in tip top shape at all times. Stretching plays a major part in this.

Human beings are no different. If you want to stay in animal like shape like you must work your body too. In the not too distant past this wasn't a problem for people as they had to work so hard just to survive. Who needs to exercise when you spend all day chopping, tilling, planting and hunting?

The Problem With The Modern World

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This is not the case in the modern world, however. Instead of walking places, we drive. Instead of climbing stairs, we take elevators. Most peoples work days are spent sitting in front of a computer. When we don't move and stretch our bodies we rob ourselves of natural outlets to release tension. Our muscles become weak and tight and we lose touch with our physical nature and life's energies. Ever wonder why you feel so stiff, sore and tired all the time? This is why.

Stretching, just like the animals do, is the major link between a sedentary life and an active one. Most people know this but yet few do it. Why? Because stretching to most people, including myself at one time, is seen as a tedious and boring exercise. When most people think of stretching they think of the static stretches they were forced to do in High School. This is unfortunate as there is so much more to stretching than this. This is what Animal Stretching is all about.

Stretch Like An Animal

Animal Stretching contains many other forms of exercise that are designed to get your muscles loose and your energy flowing so that the natural, healthy you can emerge. Theses include:

Animal Stretching is more than a book of static stretches. It contains many other exercises that are designed to get your muscles loose and your energy flowing so that the natural, healthy you can emerge. These include:

Deep Breathing Exercises - The simple act of breathing deeply and with purpose can have and enormously positive effect on the body.

Energy Exercises - These can be done anywhere at anytime to quickly revive you. Feeling rundown after working hours at a desk? No more.

Joint Loosening - The modern world can take it’s toll on delicate joints like the knees, wrists and forearms. These exercises can help reverse this.

Dynamic Movements - These build strength and flexibility at the same time. They can be used before any athletic activity or as a routine in itself.

Static Stretching - Animal Stretching contains a full range of classic static stretches as well as routines (for various sports, dealing with back tension, etc) that can benefit you.

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The Benefits Are Enormous

Put together these stretching, breathing and joint loosening exercises can help you:

  • increase your stamina
  • resist illness
  • stay trim
  • have more self confidence
  • control depression and stress
  • release tension
  • increase your bodies range of motion which prevents injuries and strains
  • promotes circulation

Animal stretching shows that stretching, done properly is simple, painless, enjoyable and easy to do. It also feels good when done correctly. Whether you're an advanced athlete looking for an edge or you're a  person who is simply tired of being sore all the time Animal Stretching can help you.

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