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"Learn About The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Offered By Animal Kingdom Workouts"

"My New Green Value Packs Allow You To Make Money AND Help The Environment At The Same Time"

Dear Potential Business Partner,

Do you have a website, e-zine, blog or online newsletter related to health and fitness? Do you have clients, subscribers, or website visitors who might be interested in learning how to lose weight and get fit without using drugs, supplements, gimmicks etc? If so I think we might be able to help these people and make some money together in the process. First of all let me go through the reasons WHY I think we can make some money together and then I'll go into HOW you can do this.

My Website Is Unique

Green Affiliate
Let's face it. There are thousands of fitness websites out there with fancy sales letters that all sell the same thing. What makes my website different from all of these is threefold, I think. One is my unique fitness philosophy. If you've browsed my website at all you'll know what it's about. Through experience I truly believe that if you want to get in fantastic shape in record time all you need to do is to train naturally using only what nature gave you. This means I'm a big believer in exercise methods like isometrics, bodyweight exercises and yoga. Animals don't need gyms and equipment to be as healthy as they are and neither do you. I won't go beyond this as you can browse through my website to get what I'm talking about.  Nonetheless point one is made. My whole animal point of view on diet and exercise is a unique twist  and makes my website stand out while really resonating with people. Of course, it doesn't resonate with EVERYONE, especially hardcore bodybuilders, but that's fine with me. My site isn't for them. It's for people who want to be truly fit and healthy using natural training methods as opposed to looking a certain way.

Real Information

The second thing that is different about Animal-Kingdom-Workouts.com is that my website actually does contain real information. Although the site does contain "Sales Letters" for products it also contains a whole bunch of free information that people enjoy. When people come to my site they are able to look around and get comfortable without being hit over the head with "Buy ME NOW" hard sell type stuff. I really believe in the stuff I create and talk about and I think this is reflected in my site.

Real Products

The third thing that makes Animal-Kingdom unique is all of my products can be bought in real, physical form if the customer wishes. More importantly all of my products can now be purchased on Amazon.com. This gives my products added credibility in the eyes of the consumer as they are real. This puts them miles ahead of the people who only sell ebooks.

Green Value Packs

Now, given the above, what's in it for you as a potential affiliate? Well, here's what I've done. I've now bundled my products into something I call GREEN VALUE PACKS which can be purchased through ClickBank. These Green Value Packs are real "Win Win" offerings for both the consumer and us. Here's why:

  • The customer saves money by buying the products in these bundled forms, as opposed to buying them separately in physicall form.
  • We are helping the environment as no trees need to be killed etc with digital products.
  • I give the customer bonus items for "Going Green" that are not available with the physical products.
  • The customer get a 60 Day money back guarantee for all of my products offered in digital format.

All of the above can be quite enticing to potential customers. They may come in thinking they want to buy the real product they saw on Amazon.com but when they realize they can save money, help the environment, get bonus stuff and it's all backed by a 60 day money back guarantee they usually go with the Value Packs (and why wouldn't they?).

I'm Working On New Products Constantly

Another advantage of working with Animal-Kingdom-Workouts.com is that I REALLY like this stuff. As such I'm always working on new products that fit with my philosophy. Currently I'm offering two Green Value Packs. However in the future I do plan on expanding these offerings (a yoga course, perhaps?) More products means more sales which means more money for you (and me, we're partners, remember?)

Affiliate Marketing and YOU

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing at all click on the link below to learn more. Through Clickbank it's really simple. Basically if you send people to my website and they buy a Value Pack you'll make 66% of the purchase price. Not bad for little to no work on your part, is it?

I Want To Work WITH YOU

If you're an experienced internet marketer I'm open to suggestions on how to improve things to help you and I succeed. Simply write me using the contact form on my website with any suggestions you might have. God only know I don't know it all. Let's work together to help some people and make some money at the same time. Sounds good?

Looking forward to working with you!



David Nordmark

PS - Below you'll find some resources that I think you'll find useful. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of mine make sure you sign up for my affiliate newsletter below. This is the primary way in which I'll communicate with my affiliates. It will be used for no other purpose. As well you will find some links for articles and resources that you should find useful.

Animal Kingdom Workouts uses clickbank to track all of it's sales and to track it's affiliate commissions.  CLICK HERE to learn more about this process.

On this page I plan on putting up anything that will help you promote animal kingdom products on your site.  For example, 3D Book covers, banners, etc.