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How to Perform the ABS Exercises of a Big Cat ...

Without know it, all cats perform very effective abs exercises. Have you ever watched a how a big cat in the wild, or a cat of the domestic variety, stretches his body upon waking? When he does this, not only is the cat working his abdominal muscles, he’s exercising his spine as well.

Stretch like a Cat

A Lion performing some Abs exercisesPerforming the Cat Stretch with Abdominal Lift is meant to simulate the healthy movements of cats. It will help you reduce your waistline and improve the functioning of the digestive system. The deep breathing will energize you, and like all exercises based on natural movement, it will also help promote a healthy spine.

Here’s how to perform the Cat Stretch with Abdominal Lift

  1. Begin on all fours on the floor with your spine flat.
  2. Exhale all of the air out of your lungs.
  3. Do not inhale right away. Instead, lift your diaphragm and stretch your spine upward like a cat.
  4. Hold for six seconds or longer.
  5. Exhale your breath.
  6. Perform this sequence again for 10 repetitions.

The Cat Stretch Demonstrated

I was going to make a video showing how the cat stretch should be performed.  However, I found this one on YouTube.  The music is a little grating (to me, anyway) but the exercise is demonstrated well.

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