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Learn the Secrets of getting the Strong and Functional ABS of an ANIMAL ...

In order to survive in the wild, all animals have fantastic abs. The reason for this is the fact that their very survival depends upon it. You can’t hunt for food effectively with a pot belly, and it makes it much harder to escape from being another animals dinner if you’re fat. The powerful muscles that animals posses are built for strength and endurance, not just looks. They are able to use them to generate speed, quick reflexes and agility upon command. panthers have powerful ABS

It's not just about Looks

Whereas animals have highly functional conditioned muscles, most human beings have what you might call counterfeit muscle (assuming of course, that they have any muscle at all). Counterfeit muscles may look great, but they are not functional. Much like counterfeit money, they look good at first, but are not worth anything in the long run. Counterfeit muscles are the exact opposite of what animal’s posses.

Conditioned Muscle Is the Goal

In my opinion, conditioned muscles should be your goal. Conditioned muscles are highly functional, and allow you to accomplish your daily tasks with ease. Conditioned muscles give you energy and pep. With them, you will not just look healthy, you will be healthy.

It's fine to Look Good

Old timers like Maxick has amazing, functional ABSNow, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. To most people, having a tight toned mid-section is attractive and highly desirable. In addition, in my opinion, ridding excess fat around your waist should be a goal. Just realize that the prized “six pack” look is usually the result of super strict dieting and genetics. You don’t need 5% body fat to look fantastic or be fit. Always remember that the six-pack look can be very deceiving as an indicator of health. Drug addicts often have ripped stomachs. Are they healthy? I don’t think so.

Train you Entire Body, not just your Stomach

The exercises I am presenting here are meant to train your stomach muscles, and your body, in an animal way.  They are derived from workouts that have been around for a long time (and in the case of yoga exercises like the Peacock, thousands of years). What these old timer’s always emphasized is that your workouts should exercise your body from your internal organs outward. 

It's not about Isolation

Tom VenutoThese exercises do not isolate the muscle groups. When you use them to train your stomach muscles, you are also training your diaphragm, lower back and obliques (not to mention others). Old time strong men like Maxick and Otto Arco used exercises like these to obtain stomachs that few bodybuilders could match today. However, their stomach muscles, unlike modern bodybuilders, were also highly functional.

Anyway, without further adieu, here are some exercises you can try:

The Farmer Burns Abdominal Flattener (beginner exercise)

This is a great beginning exercise that anyone can do, and will produce great results. What is interesting is that unlike other stomach exercises like crunches, it is performed standing up.

The Cat Stretch (beginer exercise)

Have you ever seen how a cat (this includes big cats, like the panther, as well as the more domestic variety) stretches its body throughout the day? This is one of their secrets to staying so fit and trim. This exercise allows you to simulate this cat like motion, and is fantastic for our stomach muscles. (Note: I realize that there are many fat domestic cats. This is due to the fact that their owner’s overindulge them. They are pampered to death and cut of from their natural selves, not unlike people.)

The Peacock (intermediate/advanced exercise)

The Cat Stretch and Farmer Burns are beginners exercises. The Peacock is a yoga exercise that is more intermediate to advanced in nature. You should only attempt it if you are already in decent shape.

Hindu Squats

Hindu Squats are a fantastic bodyweight exercise that work your entire body. Although they really work your legs, they're great for your abdominal muscles as well. Why? Because Hindu Squats are among the best exercises for burning fat. If you want to have abs, you need to work them AND get your bodyfat percentage down. Performing Hindu Squats, as well as following an eating plan like Tom Venuto's "Burn The Fat / Feed The Muscle" program is a great way to get there.

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