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Thank-you for agreeing to fill out my survey form below. When you finish  filling it out and you click on the "submit survey" button, you will be taken to another page. If you wish to purchase my ebook "Functional Fitness" for the special price low price of $14.95, this page will contain the link to get to the special purchase page. If you don't want to buy the book, thank-you for filling out the survey anyway. As a small business owner trying to make a go of it in these troubled economic times, I really do appreciate it.

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a complete eBook of Stretching Exercises (for sports, everyday living, back stretches, stretches if you sit at a desk all day, etc)
an eBook of Isometric Exercises (similar to the exercises that Bruce Lee and Charles Atlas did)
products based on my existing animal workout and funtional fitness eBooks, but with actual DVD's and a physical book, not an ebook.